I‘m noticing…

I‘m noticing…

This weekend I was at an embodiment and authentic relating workshop. Remarkable experience. ...more

Power ,Pleasure

May 07, 20232 min read

Nature and naps

Nature and naps

This last week I’ve been feeling increasingly rushed. I notice with that my sense of inner happiness to drop. As my inner happiness drops I experience myself to look for happiness from the outside whi... ...more

Power ,Pleasure &Prosperity

April 02, 20232 min read

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Discover the 4 Ps of peak experience life styles

Power, Prosperity, Pleasure and Paying it Forward

Embodied Impact is an interactive show unpacking peak experience life styles covering the fields of flow states, nervous system regulation, heart rate variability, brain waves, wearable tech, financial fitness, plant medicine, spiritual practices, embodiment, emotional intelligence, intimacy, partnership, sexual energy transmutation, trauma recovery, physical wellbeing, reality creation, entrepreneurship, leadership and business.

These are more than interviews. These are generative, explorative conversations filled with heart and soul.

Discover the 4 Ps of peak experience life styles



I am is a community designer, hyperconnector and serial entrepreneur. When I look at the world I see unique connections between people, places and ideas. To me the world is an interconnected, holistic system with deep connection as paramount objective in an age of loneliness. My current ventures focus on embodiment, spiritual entrepreneurship and community design.

I have met thousands of people in heart to heart dialogues when travelling over 50 countries, earned degrees from four universities, published a dozen academic papers, presented my research at international conferences and worked for world leading sustainability and digital research organisations.

I have been a contributor to House of Beautiful Business, Mindvalley, Evercoach and other initiatives cultivating new ways of working, fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and creating work cultures and environments that celebrate the whole human being. I view business as a vehicle for self-actualisation and beliefs that when done from a place of love and compassion that it holds the potential for healing our world.

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