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Your subconscious mind is your nervous system

November 05, 20231 min read

Over the years the enquiry into the nature of the subconscious mind has been a big interest of mine. What I’ve come to learn is the the nervous system is the subconscious mind.

Our nervous system is what keeps our body in a range which it considers safe, based on the early life experiences and most likely epigenetic influences from even before our birth. It’s sort of a control system that makes sure we experience things in life that create internal body chemistry that falls within a specific range.

When our experiences in life get better or worse and we approach these set limits our nervous system guides us back towards the center of the range which is “considered safe”.

I say “considered safe” as it may not actually be safe, but it’s what we’re used to and what we’re used to comes from early in life when we had no way to judge whether what we experienced was healthy for us or not.

These experiences set the parameters and then given the complexities of life most of the daily decisions are made based on these parameters. These decisions then create the experiences that make up what we call our life.

If we want to change our life the task is to alter the control parameters our nervous system is operating on.

The easiest consciously controllable way to access our nervous system is breath. Through conscious breathing we can over time adjust the set points of our nervous system and shift our life onto new trajectories.

A great practice is to actively breathe more deeply and focus on longer exhales in moments when we become aware of feeling tension and stress.

Bio-inspired renewable energy engineer | Design Thinker and bio-feedback enthusiast for flow, self-actualisation and peak experiences

Tobias Hofmeister

Bio-inspired renewable energy engineer | Design Thinker and bio-feedback enthusiast for flow, self-actualisation and peak experiences

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I am a certified HRV and peak experience coach. I use bio-feedback technology, in particular heart rate variability (HRV), to enable people to find their flow states, regain health and live peak experience lives. A background in sustainable energy engineering coupled with a passion for spiritual modalities and energy in a broader context has led me to an approach that merges cognitive understanding with embodied experiences. I practices Buddhism and have presented my research globally, among others at MIT in Boston and the DRS conference on Future-focussed thinking.

When I look at the world I see unique connections between people, places and ideas. To me the world is an interconnected, holistic system - the oneness of self and environment.

Over the years and have met thousands of people in heart to heart dialogues when travelling over 50 countries, earning degrees from four universities, publishing a dozen academic papers, presenting my research at international conferences and working for world leading sustainability and digital research organisations.

I have been a contributor to House of Beautiful Business, Mindvalley, Evercoach and other initiatives cultivating new ways of working, fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and creating work cultures and environments that celebrate the whole human being. I view business as a vehicle for self-actualisation and believe that when done from a place of love and compassion that it holds the potential for healing our world.

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