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January 17, 20241 min read

There’s an interesting approach in Design Thinking to accelerate innovation processes and to create more interesting solutions.

It’s the practice of “Introducing Artificial Constraints”.

What these artificial constraints do is reducing the complexity and endless possibilities of the potential solutions space. Once there are edges our minds tend to be better in finding innovative and functional solutions, most importantly it maintains momentum.

I find this approach of constraints, artificial or not, super useful in life generally. For me it shifts the paradigm from wishful thinking and day dreaming to “What can I do with what I got?”.

For me constraints support faster decision making. Yes, sometimes constraints feel like limitations, but when I remember to take them as playful invitation to find creative solutions what initially felt constraining turns into the expansive experience of resilience - it’s an unleashing of more personal power.

Instead of wishing for more options it can be liberating to appreciate the reduced complexity and address what’s right in front of me.

It’s an exercise in surrender to the flow of life.

Adventuring in nature triggers that very naturally for me - here burning a termite nest we found to fend off a swarm of mosquitos in the Amazon rain forest.

Bio-inspired renewable energy engineer | Design Thinker and bio-feedback enthusiast for flow, self-actualisation and peak experiences

Tobias Hofmeister

Bio-inspired renewable energy engineer | Design Thinker and bio-feedback enthusiast for flow, self-actualisation and peak experiences

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I am a certified HRV and peak experience coach. I use bio-feedback technology, in particular heart rate variability (HRV), to enable people to find their flow states, regain health and live peak experience lives. A background in sustainable energy engineering coupled with a passion for spiritual modalities and energy in a broader context has led me to an approach that merges cognitive understanding with embodied experiences. I practices Buddhism and have presented my research globally, among others at MIT in Boston and the DRS conference on Future-focussed thinking.

When I look at the world I see unique connections between people, places and ideas. To me the world is an interconnected, holistic system - the oneness of self and environment.

Over the years and have met thousands of people in heart to heart dialogues when travelling over 50 countries, earning degrees from four universities, publishing a dozen academic papers, presenting my research at international conferences and working for world leading sustainability and digital research organisations.

I have been a contributor to House of Beautiful Business, Mindvalley, Evercoach and other initiatives cultivating new ways of working, fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and creating work cultures and environments that celebrate the whole human being. I view business as a vehicle for self-actualisation and believe that when done from a place of love and compassion that it holds the potential for healing our world.

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