Bio-feedback for Wellbeing and Performance

Heart Rate Variability for Peak Experience Life Style Design

Embodied is a global boutique bio-feedback consultancy working with people and organisations committed to realising individual and organisational potential through the intelligence of the heart.


Connect with the wisdom and power in your heart

The heart holds immense wisdom and produces the strongest magnetic field in the human body. Like a drum it creates a rhythm for our other organs to resonate with. Stress and trauma sever this internal resonance and shift the energetic locus of control and perception into the head.

In this workshop we’ll do a breath-focussed heart connection exercise followed by an open-eyed mantra meditation that strengthens the electromagnetic field of the heart and yields a profound feeling of inner and outer resonance and connectedness.


HRV for Wellbeing

Learn how to employ HRV for assessing the balance in your nervous system to receive visual insight to regain your health.

HRV for Innovation

Use HRV analysis to precisely tuning your body to be receptive for receiving break through innovation.

HRV for Flow

Use HRV to understand your flow triggers and discover the behaviours and routines that reliably produce flow states.



I am looking forward to meet you.

I am a certified HRV and peak experience coach. I use bio-feedback technology, in particular heart rate variability (HRV), to enable people to find their flow states, regain health and live peak experience lives. A background in sustainable energy engineering coupled with a passion for spiritual modalities and energy in a broader context has led me to an approach that merges cognitive understanding with embodied experiences. I practices Buddhism and have presented my research globally, among others at MIT in Boston and the DRS conference on Future-focussed thinking.

When I look at the world I see unique connections between people, places and ideas. To me the world is an interconnected, holistic system - the oneness of self and environment.

Over the years and have met thousands of people in heart to heart dialogues when travelling over 50 countries, earning degrees from four universities, publishing a dozen academic papers, presenting my research at international conferences and working for world leading sustainability and digital research organisations.

I have been a contributor to House of Beautiful Business, Mindvalley, Evercoach and other initiatives cultivating new ways of working, fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and creating work cultures and environments that celebrate the whole human being. I view business as a vehicle for self-actualisation and believe that when done from a place of love and compassion that it holds the potential for healing our world.

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